If These Bars Could Talk


“See the dog, not the story. This is excellent advice from someone with a rescue dog. What your new dog needs most of all is the same thing a person needs — to be accepted and respected for who they are, to be ‘heard’ and understood, rather than to be labeled. You may have been told a number of stories about your dog’s history, but although it can be valuable to gather information, it’s also important not to label your dog for the rest of his life as, for example, ‘abused’ or ‘neglected.’ Your goal, beyond providing your new dog a safe and stable environment, is to honor him by letting him tell you who is he right now, accepting that, and acting accordingly. Just as you are no longer that little girl or boy who got bulled on the playground, your dog will grow and change as time goes on. Do all you can to see him for who he is NOW, not who he was years ago or who you think he should be.” - Patricia McConnell, PhD, and Karen London, PhD, Love Has No Age Limit: Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home

On April 10, 2012 at 7:45 pm in E block their was a stabbing on the side of B of E block, The convict Diaz from the B side was in the common area of B side his side of the E block… but the other person (convict) was from the A side and made his way to the B side to carry out something against Diaz ok it happened but they stab each other not one only… but my question is this how did an A side get to the B side, there are doors and guards between the two sides, what happen to the state in protecting the lives of the people in the prison of Cresson let alone this happens all over Pa Prison System, it trys to cover up the point that they failed to do their job, ask where their assigned beds were and what side… that is the right question… Diaz had to protect himself and their are two common areas on in A side and on in the B side…The system of being safe is all gone now…. yes they are locked up but they are lives all the same
~ I- Real -Unique~

This part of these bars could talk goes to the people we don’t see everyday.. The people who fight the fight with us, the people who lift us up even when we are wrong or get mad on the phone or blame them when it’s our own fault we are here.. In my years of doing time.. I have seen people who get visits and act like it’s a must that they get one the truth is “it’s not “.. just this weekend my wife came to see me from two and a half hours away and it was rainy and foggy, at that moment I saw by her actions that we are not the only one’s doing time, that there is so much more on the line every time she comes to see me, every turn in the car she makes can be dangerous, just to sit with me for a few hours, that’s love true love, and let alone the feeling she had to have to leave me their and go home with our kids and miss me all over again… If that action of love is not enough to question me and who I am then maybe I do belong in this place but it does, so the part of if the bars could talk goes out to the grandparents,the moms,dads and our kids who have to live a part of their life without us… Thank you for your drive for us, to get up in the morning and drive in the snow,rain and fog…. Thank you for being there and my wife love truly has no boundaries, it’s important to look beyond what is in front of us..
~If These Bars Could Talk~
Sometimes for people inside prison walls life slows down and our vision is more clear on situations that happen on the outside like that young boy Trayvon who was killed by a person who was not trained, or I assume was really looking for a reason the truth will never be out but we must look at the facts, the story alone tells the truth and action that was taken, but what hurts me the most is that we as people have intrusted mayors and ect to up hold the law our protection, “people of the state” The truth we do know is that a human life was taken… one that did not have time to blossom, it’s time to up hold what was meant to be justice, I only wish the outcome would have been different, “For the parents of Trayvon I am sorry for your loss” If these bars could talk the would say life is more important than binding the laws to fit different races in the united states, and people of the us we have the power to change this forever
~By I-Real Unique~

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~If These Bars Could Talk!


When you love and accept yourself, all kinds of negativity eventually melt away, leaving you to focus on the important, positive happenings in your life. You perceive situations differently, you have control over your emotions. You perceive most things differently and notice the little things, you appreciate the little things.


When you love and accept yourself, all kinds of negativity eventually melt away, leaving you to focus on the important, positive happenings in your life. You perceive situations differently, you have control over your emotions. You perceive most things differently and notice the little things, you appreciate the little things.


On August 28, 2011… I was at my house with my woman, my children and cousin it was late about 3:30 in the morning.. I gotten a call on the phone from my other woman.. I picked up the phone an the girl said she need help she said she had no ride and needed a ride home from a place in homewood out in Pittsburgh .. I told her OK and who was with her she told me her friends name and I said OK give me 20 minutes.. I had my cousin drive my truck down to the place to pick both females up.. When we showed up my other woman made a statement saying she wanted to be my main… I told her no that I’m staying with my babies mother she became mad and we both started to go back and forth with words as we’re in the car we stopped talking to each other as the driver my cousin started to enter swissvale to drop the two females off the other woman started up again… I told my cousin to stop the truck and got out the truck told him to drop them off and pick me up at our cousins house which was two blocks away… As I exited the truck and started to walk a cop car pulled up on me and asked where I was walking to.. I told him walking to my cousin’s house he then asked me was I the one who excited out of the truck I said why and he said there a problem with the truck.. I said yes thats my truck he asked me to walk back to the truck when I did walk back there was another cop car there when I got there… the officer who got me started to ask all of us questions… He ask us who we were and are relationships… my other girl told him me and her are boyfriend and girlfriend her friend and my cousin… the officer then said that he thinks me and my other girl were fighting because we was boyfriend and girlfriend… she told the officer that we wasn’t fighting and I didn’t put my hands on her… the officer then said well since no one will say they was fighting.. I put both of  you under arrest… when we got down to booking they give me and my other girl paperwork and it said on my paper work that he arrested me because I had scratches and black marks on my face… If it was like that then why didn’t he take pictures but anyway one her paperwork it said that they had to take her to the hospital but we were both sitting in the processing room together reading each others paper work like why is he lying like this… well when we went to court we gave the judge all the paper work showed him our booking pictures… The judge asked for the hospital documents and my other woman said the never took her to the hospital that I never hit her and all the years I known her I never hit her and after the case… I’m in jail for something I did in 2008 and I’m back in jail for something that never happened… I seen the parole board thinking that everything will be OK well I see them they go over the case load again and tell me because the officer thinks I hit this girl his word is all we need and that since we only need him to think that you did it… we think you did it… I ask for all the witnesses to come to the parole hearing the told me no… I couldn’t have the girl write a statement and gave me 9 months and want me to take a group batters group and I’m still not in the group and I only got two months to go the group is 3 months… the next group starts in may my parole is in may which gives the state of pa to give me another hit because I’m not in the group so I sit and wait to go home to my family and I did learn a lesson at the age of 24 years old.. stick with one woman…


On March 11th a inmate killed himself on H Block in Cresson SCI… Why we don’t know, but my question is if these people are here to notice things like modes or how trained they are, that something like that was not suppose to happen, Where is the safety about prison or the help for rehab. They are people also are they not? Now did it come out on the news.. who knows that is just it no one does it’s covered up, but when a guard gets his nose broken for calling an inmate a “fuckin loser” they make it sound like he has been on a murder spree.. we as people have to ask questions we all do.. The law is being broken but nothing gets done about it. This was a young boy now his people will live with that forever… why because the state is trained to house and help inmates okay… tell it to the coach who is charged with 57 counts of rape or sexual contact with kids from Penn State, and still on house arrest explain that, I guess the law does change for people who has money… justice is broken in many ways

By I-Real Unique.

As I look around I sit and wonder what and why people are the way we are, but that’s out in freedom what about prison it’s a whole different world on it’s own. I could say 95% of all inmates live with the same attitude as they did on the street, OK with doing time because it’s part of the game ” it’s what they think” coming to jail over and over again.. putting on their mask day’s in and out.. not realizing that they have truly lost themselves, I have seen past the masks and talked to some of the one’s who are truly tired of not being themselves. yes we have some people who are no good for society but their are those who are ready to evolve into who they are meant to be, in the process of doing this time, people who work in jails well lets just say power does go to ones head, and do take advantage of these people position in life and do push them to the point of no return, It’s what they want you to know they will explain. but the truth is, if someone has a relationship with one while working they get changed as if they abused a sick person, but if a guard abuses one of them it’s okay because they are inmates now that is the law, the justice at work? for who? the normal people? Define normal then become normal, good luck, not to say these human beings did not break the law, but it is to say how many Co’s break or the government? it’s time to be exposed, time to find out the truth behind the steal curtains… tune into this site every now and then to find out what is going on… In the DOC like guards in sexual advances (and guys) the setting up of a inmate to take his parole date, all kinds a racial names that come from the staff and the staff not getting the paper work out or done in time so you can go home, let alone the money the DOC gets for each person in jail and why they need us here, next week a story of a guard who demise a mental person his food and how it went.. If you have any stories please tell them, expose them all

~If these bars could talk~